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Ukraine. A young country with the big history.

The efforts of Ukraine trying to get its own Constitution are surely stunning. From Pylyp Orlyk’s attempts to create this special bond between the governing person (Hetman at that time) and the people he serves to, till the day, when the Independent Ukraine after a big amount of disputes and doubts finally got a legitimate Constitution on June 28, 1996. A new Constitution was a promising message to the people of our country. It gave us hope for a better, brighter future in this brand new young country with a new Constitution based on the democratic principles.

Probably, something went wrong, because if there weren’t any problems with our Constitution I wouldn’t be writing this essay right now, trying to answer the question about the need in creating a new one for our country. Sadly, I’m not the only one, who have found this little “holes” in our Constitution. I agree that the basic principles of our Constitution are righteous and fair, but they doesn’t simply followed in our everydays life. During my exchange year on a FLEX program I’ve had a chance to see the way Americans live in the United States and what they believe in. Their attitude towards the US Constitution is completely different from ours. And I’m not talking about the official attitude, like the one you see in the school textbooks or hear on the radio, no. I’m taking the people carry out the laws in the Constitution. The Constitution that is not followed is just an another piece of paper.

It is important to see the government-people relations as a system, a technical equipment that needs to have an instruction, so people could use it the right way. As the child needs a mother, the flower needs the water and the Cossack needs a good weapon to fight the country needs to have it’s own Constitution, particular rules, made and сarried out by society in order for it to perform successfully. Looking back at my sociology classes I understand that people are not ready for an anarchy system yet. If we want to live peacefully we should control each other through the government that we choose.

In our country there is a сommon saying:”If the government officials do not follow the Constitution, why should we do it?” And that is the biggest problem. The current Constitution of Ukraine was created in a rush. Our government knew that all the new Independent post-USSR countries had already gotten their new Constitutions, while Ukraine was still using the old one back from the Soviet Union. There were also a lot of disagreements between the political parties and fear of referendum. All attempts to change the Constitution of 1996 were made to satisfy all the sides, which of course was unreal and caused a lot of mistakes.

I don’t want to sound too idealistic, but right now, creating a new Constitution is necessary. This new better Constitution should be approved by people and most importantly it should work in a real life. It will be a long complicated process, but then after the work is done we’ll hopefully get a perfect document, which will be followed by people of all classes and social statuses. Establishing a new Constitution will not fix all the problems. If more people will start following the Constitution, defending their thoughts and studying their rights the changes will not make themselves wait. “